Field Of Greens Limousine Service
24 Winslow Road
Albion, ME 04910
Phone: 207-877-4817

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I give Field Of Greens Limousine Service a 5 star rating.
By Lindsey Marie Thebarge
Sam is a nice driver. I would go with him again.
By Cathy Lord
Thank You Again! It was an unforgettable "Batty" Birthday for sure! The kids loved it!
By Tara Hamlin
"The BEST of the BEST!" FOREVER and ALWAYS, Adoringly, Mother James and Children. P.S. I'm in hopes YOU are finding married life to be ALL you were in hopes it would be.
Shirl A. James
By Shirl A. James
Field of Greens Limousine Services are Legit! I have worked in the Waterville Bar scene for the past 6 years and Sam Hawes has been a very busy individual! Every party he hosts come with endless compliments from the party goers and I have recommended him to anyone in need of Limousine service! I am proud as a individual of Sam and his professional treatment he offers to each and every customer he has! So if anyone is in need of a Limo! Call Mr. Sam Hawes and Field of Greens Limousine Services!!!!!!
Dj Grenier
By D.j. Grenier
Wonderful service!! Our driver Sam was the best. If you need a limo, I would highly recommend this great company.
By Wendy Maselli
We had a great time looking at Christmas lights with amazing friendly service!! We would definitely recommend this company!!!
Becka Emerson Reynolds
By Becka Emerson Reynolds